Hanna Maria Lamnaouer

Basic information

b. 1978, PERNIÖ
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: Salo

Contact information

Phone number: 0405898021

Artist’s Statement

What are the core and fundamental themes and concepts of your art?

My fundamental themes are humanity and the nature. The main consept in my art is reaching out to the mystical side of reality. Vast sky, calm water, gloomy forests and people offer the most alluring motifs. In art, I am fascinated by destruction of the solid and endurance of the flowing. Blurring, soft merging and misty impressions make the reality appear as in a constant move and change. I avoid stagnation because halted portrayal can be oppressive. Stillness is something else.

How closely do these ideas relate to your creative process and the actual act of creating the art itself?

It is natural for me to develop ideas and maintain professional identity by teaching art, writing art critique and having exhibitions. Solo exhibitions help to develop coherency of the content and form of art. As time passes, variations in paintings will be followed by new visual combinations.

In the creative process, I often use photographs as a starting-point of my work. I work mainly with oil and aquarelle colours. Sometimes my painting is inspired by a special atmosphere, and every so often I transform some sceneries towards a mesmeric, calm, wistful and dream-like vision. Many people have said to me that at first glance my paintings look like photographs even though my intention is not to describe every detail.

After travelling abroad, I often get vigor to paint the Finnish landscape. Instead colossal and grand, calm and tranquil speaks to me. Being one with the nature, but also a momentary awakening are both valuable experiences.

I also get my inspiration from creativity itself, from the moments when everything around me is seen in relation to painting. Everything radiates meaningfulness, when the reality is filtered through artistic expression − compared and contrasted to it. Experiencing reality depends deeply on the creative process. The creative process is a way to love, care and think. Thus it is difficult to separate it from the creative act.

Which of your work/ works stands out as a highlight, a favorite, or a significant point in your creative growth and development? And why?

One of the significant points in my creative growth is the work called On the field. This painting is important to me, because it is the first painting I made with my current style.
Summer night is an important series of paintings, because along the series I started to focus on the nature. After the series, nature became more than a distant background in my paintings. As a matter of fact, distance became something to long for, value and cherish.

An artist of powerful creative voice and message, what do you wish to communicate to your audience?

I love to paint, because while working, I am in harmony. I hope that my paintings can reflect even a little bit that pure state of mind. I also hope that they will express my valuation towards life and nature. I believe animistically that there is a life force in everything and that it is a good reason to respect and cherish every material phenomenon.

Creatively, professionally and in all aspects of being an artist, what are your goals for your upcoming works and art?

Professionally my goal is always the upcoming exhibition and new ways to express my artistic vision. Next spring I will be having a solo exhibition with felt sculptures and aquarelles.
The works will explore perceptions and how they convey the peace of mind, but also a sense of isolation. We are more than a part of the world: we are the world through our senses. I represent this direct and fundamental relationship by my works. Still, my first love in art will always be painting and the mystical side of reality will captivate me for a long time.

Show biography


Hanna Lamnaouer (sb.1978) is a Salo based visual artist who works mainly in oil and watercolour. Her artlanguage – with the interaction of evocative landscapes, lights and subtle colour connection – creates rich and emotional results.

Lamnaouer has gratueted from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Department of Fine Art. She has also master’s degrees from Aalto University and Turku University.

Since 2002 Lamnaouer has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroads. In addition to painting, she has wrote art reviews for example on newspaper Turun Sanomat and taught visual arts in Salo Folk Collage since 2013.

Hanna Lamnaouer has worked as a community artist with Salo Artist Association in 2014-2016. Her paintings are represented in private and public collections in Finland, Japan, Sweden, Germany and Holland.