Hanne Juga

s. 1961, Varkaus
Residence: Helsinki

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By ostensible laziness, by wandering around, by inactive stay and gazing, by getting enchanted by something I see and feel starts the process of my work. I am a painter of perceptions, although the meaning of the perception may change or weaken during the process of painting.
Painting is a meditative condition for me: a state of being and living I want to subsist, an artwork as a result. In my paintings, I am not inclined to tell long stories, to proclaim or provoke. I want to make paintings that are good to look at, good to be felt and lived in sensations and feelings over and over again, that shares the meditation and the experience of the nature. Though I cannot share my condition of painting, I can share the result of it.
In my paintings a material and essence of the base often remains as an important part of the work. These works are based with shiny polished leafs of aluminium on wood, and tone it with lack, pigments and oil color. A surface left apparent brings randomness in working but on the other hand every sign and mark plays a powerful role in the artwork.
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Hanne Juga (b. 1961) lives and works in Helsinki. She has passed an BA exam at the Institute of Fine Arts in Lahti University of Applied Sciences 2011, and before received a higher vocational qualification in visual arts 2000. Juga has worked as a scenic painter mainly for television since 1985 and has thereafter started her work as a visual artist.

Love for the sea can be strongly sensed in Hanne Juga’s paintings. She uses variously materials as wood, metal and plastic especially as a base of a painting. Sometimes she paints strict graphic contrasts and sometimes almost invisible, only as a shadow in strong light appearing stealths, inviting the viewer to get enchanted by the glitter and reflection of the water, or maybe by the underwater mikrolife.
Hanne Juga has been working in several international residencies and symposiums and is also known as a ”nordist”, especially as a West-nordic countries enthusiast. Jugas works are in the Finnish State art-collections, Kuvasto´s, Budapest Galery´s, ’Gyárfás Jenő’ Art Gallery, and in Sfantu Gheorghe -collections.