Hannu Antero Sillanpää

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b. 1951, Loimaa
Residence: Vantaa

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Art gives joy, beauty, comfort and hope. The joy of painting rises the brush high near heaven. The subject is then light, which is color. It pleases eye in itself. I have painted a lot of other kind of paintings. For exsamble art works which Doctor of Philosophy Christina Bäcksbacka called: "Naivistic-symbolistic-ekspressive". I take influences from many sources , and often paint with a help of my memory. My subjects can interpret as the viewer likes. My interest of colors bring them together to my production, including black and white. I start to paint because there is a lot of things, which are difficult tell with words.

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The Painter´s Unions of Finland 90 year celebration exhibition Gallery K, Vantaa  2019 AVA Art Festival Osaka Japan 2017


Born 24.11.1951 Loimaa, Finland Student graduate Kankaanpää Art School 1977-78 Fine Arts Academy of Finland 1978-82 Debut in Helsinki 1984 in Painters Union Gallery Works with watercolours, oli, and with pencils. Hobbies: reading and writing