Harri Larjosto

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b. 1952, Turku
Media Artist

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Artist’s Statement

Harri Larjosto was born 1952 in Turku, lives in Vantaa, Finland. Finished as primary
school teacher 1976, majoring in visual arts and biology in the University of Turku.
Solo exhibitions since 1978. Larjosto has over thirty years of varied artistic work behind
him, in wich he has explored the image and tested out the limits of the different artistic
disciplines. He has produced photographs, videos, installations, collages, paintings and
actions. Since the end of the 1980’s Larjosto has concentrated in series of photographs
and videos.
- Lecturer of Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki (digital photo and video) 2001-2009.
In his photography most wellknown are the entities "Transitions" (about 25 sequences)
1987-89), "Academy of Grief" -90, "Pictures of Contemporaries" -92. ”Wicked Suites” book
includes most of those. "Tracks of the Memory 1-3" (1994-96), "Garden" 1999-01 and
"Touch – extended portraits" 2002-05. Imagery to the book about cosmethical surgery in
Finland (Taina KInnunen, Gaudeamus 2008). Latest works are "Gray person – each has
his slot" 2009 and short movie Pandemic - Kulkutauti. 2010 Multimedia installation Awake
– second hand knowledge combines videos, photos and installations about dreaming and
Full list of exhibitions are on his website.