Helena Pokkinen

s. 1955, Kokemäki
Visual Artist, Graphic Artist/Printmaker

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Phone number: 040 5466890

Artist’s Statement

I describe life phenomena but usually in an abstract or in symbolic way. Yet you can see some references from nature in my works. A starting-point is often some kind of a thing that I find in an environment at one glance. In a later made work, there may be some hue or a constructive idea picked up from that perceptual moment.

Sometimes it happens that a motif subconsciously wells up to my mind either clear or obscure from some source that I don’t even know. The motif is like a visual synonym for my state of mind, thing or even word. Even though the starting-point is a motive that struck me, however my working style is slow. The works develop little by little, and ideas and unfinished works might wait a long time for development.

The basis of my working is my own development process, which has happened during a period of many years. With it many archetypal symbols have became personal experiences to me, and I have found my own intuitive path.

In the world, there are countless of things that fascinate me, for instance many similarities in the microscopic and macroscopic world. I think that maybe there is some kind of a construction of how everything has been built.

In art I feel as rallying point the experiences that people get involved in around the world year after year. Some of the experiences are such that we can understand, but about some of them we only have a presentiment. I think my art could be like a little window to that invisible world.
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Joint exhibitions:

Tampereen Taiteilijaseuran
Suomi 100 vuotta juhlanäyttely

Taidekeskus Mältinranta,
Tampere, 17.6. - 4.7.2017

Solo Exhibitions:

Tampereen Taiteilijaseura ry:n ja Solo Sokos Hotel Torni yhteistyönä toteutettu taidegalleria
Helena Pokkinen kerros 21
October 2015-2017


Helena Pokkinen is a Finnish visual artist.

Helena Pokkinen was born in Kokemäki, Finland, in 1955.

She graduated as a visual artist, Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2011.

She has also become a textile designer at Kuopio Institute of Art and
Design. In addition, she has studied art education at the Lahti
University of Applied Sciences. She has also studied plastic
composition and woodcut at the University of Art and Design in
Helsinki. She has also become a dressmaker at vocational school.

She held her first solo exhibition in 1995 and has taken part in group
exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2004.

She lives and works in Tampere, Finland.