Terhi Hursti

Basic information

b. 1966, Kangasala
Visual artist, bookartist
Residence: Tampere

Contact information

Phone number: 0407089663

Artist’s Statement

I have begun my career as a bookbinder but the passion for artistic expression drove me first to immerse myself in the world of artistic books, even very sculpture-like forms. Later when I studied to become a visual artist painting has risen to be my primary form of expression. I paint with sumi ink and acrylic paint. Sometimes my paintings may take a stand on something but mostly they are telling tales of everyday life, even though they are somewhat abstract in nature. I get a lot of inspiration from music and also by observing and listening to my environment I internalize things that I then bring out to the world through my emotions.

I strive to paint emotions and moods very simply with as little strokes as possible through lines and movements. Color is an additional element that allows me to deeper my subject matter and express my emotions more intensely. My style of painting is very intuitive which is why the preliminary thinking and observing is vital. When I paint there must be no distractions. Ink painting on paper is a delicate work; each stroke of the brush, each line and each shade of black and grey have to appear exactly in the right place and in the right form in order to achieve the right atmosphere. This is a meditative phase for me; I paint out the things I ponder but not necessarily identify at the time, I paint the pulse for my work. By listening to the work it guides me to choose the right color and gives me the theme I then can use to finish the piece. My works require a longer observation from the viewer, so that they can forget about the concrete things my painting might first bring to mind and thus get deeper, into the emotion or mood I painted.

Current information

Exhibitions in Finland:

23.6.-30.7.2021, Summer Art Weeks 21, Gallery Pihatto, Lappeenranta

20.8.2020-May 2022,   Vaasa City Theater

 15.-19.9.2021, Habitare