Sininen rapsodia, osa 9 (visuaalinen sävellykseni)

Terhi Hursti: Sininen rapsodia, osa 9 (visuaalinen sävellykseni)

Completion year: 2016
Technique: Ink and acrylic paint on paper
Size: 380 x 490 mm
Keywords: Terhi Hursti, sininen rapsodia, muste, sävellys
The size of the hole is 380 x 7500 mm.

Blue Rhapsody is a visual composition consisting of 15 paintings. It reflects a world between sleep and reality. I was inspired by the music of saxophonist Esa Pietilä and in this "composition" movement and rhythm flow deep from my inner worlds and emotions.

Now one of these paintings (in the picture) is also on the cover of  the album Signal Horn by Liberty Ship, Esa Pietilä's Quartet.

Additional work images

Additional work imageAdditional work image