Johanna Kaarina Ilvessalo

Basic information

b. 1964, Helsinki
Visual Artist, Sculptor, Installation Artist
Residence: HELSINKI

Contact information

Phone number: 0505266181

Artist’s Statement

Johanna Ilvessalo
Pellervontie 24 as 3
00610 Helsinki

The installations of Johanna Ilvessalo are built from images, movement, light, shadow and soundscapes. Versatile in her enquiry she combines different materials and techniques. Characterised by her unique emotional memory and the positioning of her recollections simultaneosly in to linear segments and cycles, Ilvessalo has managed to find parables for time, change and the ephemeral.

Ilvessalo sees her work as a continuum, where she has investigated the fragility of the human life cycle through light, reflection, flowing water and a combination of images. Through the use of her materials, she seeks to impersonate the essentianals of the human psyche, hardness and fragility.
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