Johanna Suonpää

b. 1969, Helsinki
Visual Artist, Sculptor, Installation Artist, Other
Residence: Helsinki

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Collective exhibitions abroad:

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum,
5th Textile Art of Today
(Slovak republic)

Tatra Gallery in Poprad ,
5th Textile Art of Today (Slovak republic)

The Moravian Museum in Uherské Hradiště,
5th Textile Art of Today
(Czech republic)

Art goes Kapakka 16.-25.8.2018
Restaurant Kaarna, Helsinki

Solo exhibition:
Galleria Saskia, Tampere


Textile -and Visual Artist, Master of Arts

My pieces are reliefs, composed of different objects and materials, whose character is defined by the inner tensions and rhythms of forms and shapes. As raw material, I use as well yarn and fabric as other, second-hand elements and objects gleaned in the modern day surpluses, fascinated as I am by their particularities, the stories they tell and the mental images they bring up. Each one has a history of its own. The ambient light, refracting on the three-dimensional structures and the different materials and thus becoming an ephemeral part of the piece, is therefore significant as well. Born from an event and its visual recreation, my works are part of the physical environment I live in. The starting point can be, for instance, a familiar place in Helsinki or a memory imprint from a time long past.

About the works
The landscape and nature related part of my work springs from the varying aspects of the Finnish landscape, such as forests, marshland, lakes, rivers, fields or even the urban scenery. Our existence is shaped by our environment and its geographical interpretations, just as the individual being's representation of himself and the world is fashioned by his mental image of his surroundings. As a space and a daily, physical as well as spiritual framework, the landscape we live in coordinates our existence.