Jukka Nopsanen

b. 1950, Helsinki
Residence: Vihti

Artist’s Statement

As a painter
In the seventies, during the decade of political participation, I painted the "fables". In these metaphorical paintings, the figures with heads of animals I depicted different features of the human nature.
In the eighties the shades became darker and the figures were transformed into abstractions. I called them discoveries from a destroyed ancient culture. That's how the "archaeological diggins" were initiated. It was a
reaction against the instant culture.
In the 90's my broken view of the world was "crystallized" in mosaic patterns describing the relationship between man and nature and the problems of the human spirit.
From the beginning of this millennium I have started to combine the figurative and abstract elements into a sort of a synthesis of the past. I combine new and old ideas trying to paint an image of the human spirit.
Today also the spiritual issues accompany the deliberation of values in general.

As a portrait painter
Concurrently with my development as an artist I have studied portrait painting from its traditional point of view approaching a portrait which combines classical figures and my personal expression.

Teaching activity:
1980 - 2014 as a teacher of drawing and painting (life model drawing) at the Aalto University in Helsinki.
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Jukka Nopsanen, a painter and a portrait painter.

Born 1950 in Helsinki.

- A level -69,
- School of Art and Design, 1969 - 70.
- The School of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 1970 -73.

Private exhibitions, 34 times, e.g.:
- Gallery Johan S, -2010, Helsinki
- Gallery Pictor, -2010, Nummela
-Gallery Katariina, -2000, Helsinki, 30th anniversary celebration exhibition.

Exhibitions, e.g.:
- C. 80 pieces in Finland and two abroad.

Public artworks, e.g.:
- Keskiviikkokerho at Suomalainen klubi, -86
- The altarpiece in Pedersöre Church, -91
- Public portraits, e.g. Professor p. Häyry, Helsinki University
- Minister Veikko Helle

Scholarships and prices, e.g.:
Stipendiums of State, -2000 and -2010
- First price of Pedersöre Church competition, -90

Teaching activity:
- since -1980 at Scool of Art and Design, today Aalto University.

Traditional oil painting techniques:
- Art depicting the relationship between man and nature
- Commissioned portraits