Kirsimarja Metsähuone

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Visual Artist, Media Artist, Photographer
Residence: Helsinki

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Human interaction. Urban action. Decay. Memory. Body. Identity. Deconstruction.

The photographs are self-portrait like or identity and memory related or document urban subject matters: the fragmented and unpredictable dialog born out of the interaction between people and the urban environment. The photos can also juxtapose and combine unexpected or seemingly impossible irrelevant objects or images.

The films and videos are experimental in nature. Often times there is no traditional narrative and the structure is cyclical relying on repetion, close-ups and semi-abstract ambiguity

The collages can be seen as film frames laid flat one after another or merged together in transparent compositions. In collages it is possible to destroy the linear, restricting structure of film. The movement is multidirectional and all "frames" can be seen at once and combined in countless ways unlike the predetermined frames of films.
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Visual and media artist and photographer KirsiMarja Metsähuone received her B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute in experimental film and photography. She holds an M.F.A. from the Academy of Fine Arts, Finland in media arts. She has exhibited her photographs as well as participated in film and video festivals widely e.g., in United States, Finland, Italy, France, England, Spain, Canada and South America.

Besides her own artistic work she also has extensive experience in teaching art, photography, film, video and animation to children and teens, art students, professional artists and general public.