Marianne Sylvia Laiti

Basic information

b. 1971
Visual Artist, Sculptor
Residence: Kangasala

Contact information

Phone number: 0445751207

Artist’s Statement

I am sculptor and drawer. I use mainly self made dry pastels, ink and mixed media. I also cast works in bronze.

In all my expression I want to achieve a certain freeness and relaxedness. It is interesting, when the drawing line starts " walking" and heading to somewhere it wants to go. The themes often rise from everyday life and actual feelings. I like to depict human in his inner landscape. What can be seen as disfigured, may be most deep and vulnerable.
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Current information

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I graduated from Kankaanpään taidekoulu in 1997 and studied more also in Lahti and Turku, later also artpsychotherapy studies.

Human mind interests me both as a theme and tool. There are always some unconscious and surprising elements in all images, and that`s what makes it so interesting! I am following the interaction of art and mind also while working as a leader of therapeutic art groups. I strongly believe in the possibilities of art to communicate the deepest, common experiences and feelings.