Markku Haanpää

s. 1978, Jalasjärvi
Visual Artist, Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: Loimaa

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Artist’s Statement

I work mostly with monotype prints and painting. I am interested in structures, layers, the juxtapositions and the shine or dimness of colors. Often my works form series. I believe in the power of repetition and the infinite possibilities it brings. I see repetition as a means to building something new, or even more, as coming back to the beginning and the questions there.

The way I work is similar to the way I walk in the garden or in nature: I often stop to wonder at it, then go on and stop again. The starting points for my work are usually found near by: the beauty of nature, the cracks in human relations and the abrasions of time. I seek to find the significant syllables from the noise. I look for a space that makes you fall still for a moment (in this over-explained world).

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25.10.-20.11.2016, yksityisnäyttely, Galleria G / Grafoteekki, marraskuun kuukauden taiteilija, Helsinki


Marrakuussa, yksityisnäyttely, Galleria Joella, Turku.