Nanna Jalkanen

Visual Artist

Artist’s Statement

I make paintings with different techniques, mostly with oil- and acrylic colours. I find inspiration for my artwork from play, meditation, nature and art history. All the different colours are fascinating and make a huge impact on the human mind. Art is a riddle, feeling, idea, pleasure, vision and imagination. Art enables us to connect with a profound level: values, flow, creativity and shared emotions. Something that is maybe missing in our everyday society. We are often so serious and adults don`t play enough.

Subconcious is always part of making art. It is in the symbols, colours, narratives and depictions. That is why sometimes even my own paintings have an element of mystery to me. I might find new meanins for them years after.

I don`t make any distinction between abstract or figurative art in my work. In this case I just go with the feeling. This freedom is very important to me since my everyday life is often filled with routines. I also try to loose my ego when I am working. Ego is very restrictive since it knows everything, is the most important thing in the whole universe and has no need to learn anything. Sometimes of course my ego comes up but at least I try to gently loose it and focus in the moment and flow in it. Everything is temporaly and we loose so much during our lives. But still I try to focus on the positive. Humor is very important too :).

My personality is little bit bohemian ( I am told by the closest to me). I have cleary inherited it from my fathers side. I split my time in Finland between Turku city and countryside in North Karelia. In Turku I live with my beloved partner Juha. Our hobby together is to travel around the world and see art in museums and galleries.

You can enjoy art like nature, just go with the flow. Your interpretation of my art is as good as any. I think the best art works in different levels of our mind: emotion, intelligence and imagination.
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Current information

You can buy my art from Taiko (online shop for Finnish fine art). International delivery.





Master of Fine Arts, University of Art and Design Helsinki 2002

Visual Art Teacher, pedagogical studies (60 cr.) University of Art and Design Helsinki 2007

Lives and works in Turku, Finland.