Mikko Erkki Paakkola

b. 1961, Lappi TI.
Residence: Turku

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Phone number: +358-50-5287382

Artist’s Statement

When you start to get defined as a middle-aged painter there is no way to avoid a look towards the past, instead of planning the never-ending future. And then you start asking yourself certain questions, and the question is not what you were doing the last half an hour. You start to think where you have been for the last half a century.

I have been in the paint. It is funny to admit. Of course there have been quite a wide range of activities that I have had alongside, like playing ice hockey, having family dinners, telling bad jokes and doing all the things that a responsible citizen is supposed to do. But still. Basically I have been in the paint.

And this means something. It means being without doing. Usually one might think that painting is acting; there is even an art form called action- painting. But the case is not like that. To paint is to be. Or, actually, the most important thing is to see. So, in these terms, to be is to see and to paint is to watch.

As a matter of fact I could be rather proud of myself about concentrating for more than twenty years in the act of being. Not an easy task. To do nothing. If one follows this path clearly it is easy to find out what this is about. It is about meditation. Instead of searching for my mandala I just have been watching my paint to dry. But the act is the same: to find the state of mind where you yourself get lost. And maybe, in the very end, I have found my mandala. Which is the work done. The painting.

Mikko Paakkola April 2007, updated 2019
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Mikko Paakkola
La douzième heure
La Chapelle du Sint-Jan Berchmans College
Rue des Ursulines 4
1000 Bruxelles
20.09. - 06.10. 2019

Organization: Office d'Art Contemporain, Bruxelles

Mikko Paakkola | Jean-Marie Sroobants: Silmämnkantamattomiin - Kirjoituksia maalaustaiteesta
L'immensité dans la sang - Èchanges intimes à propos de la peinture.
100 pages, illustrated, bilingual finnish-french.
Publisher: Partuuna, www.partuuna.fi



Mikko Paakkola, a painter. Born in 1961, lives and works in Turku, Finland. Working basically with a wide range of various materials, lately to construct the lights of landscapes that form a panorama of absolute silence.

Mikko Paakkola (*1961) graduated from Turku School of Fine Arts (1981-85) and made his postgraduate studies In Paris, l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (1988-90). He lived in Brussels 1996–2006. In the 2000s Paakkola’s work has been exhibited in many European galleries, in Belgium, Sweden, Holland, France and Germany