Raimo Törhönen

b. 1960, Hyvinkää
Visual Artist
Residence: Oulu

Contact information

Phone number: 050 380 6575

Artist’s Statement

I am a painter, mostly. In my body of work there is also drawing, assemblage and installation.
I believe that my message, meaning, can be found in my work.

Artist´s task, as I see it, can be divided into three parts.
First, an artist should be sensitive to visual ideas and images, trust in their meaning without trying to intellectualize. In the workprocess these images should be condensed into essential, refined and made visible, without explanations.

The second factor is the craft. An artist should allways try to improve the mastering of chosen instrument, their own skills and deepen the understanding of art. Technical performance, skill, is not a value in it self, but merely a tool.

Third part is the work itself, which should be approached with humility and honesty.
The starting point, the visual idea or an image, comes to life trough the working process. At the same time the idea can be clarified or transformed into somethin else. The main thing is to follow one´s instinct, to be bold and true, and not to yield into explanations.
Either the piece works, makes a statement, or it must be rejected. And then: start again.

If the finished work is honest and true, speaks to the author, it is well possible that this is the case with others also.

These priciples apply to my own work, and I constantly try to follow them.
Still I believe that good and worthy art is made also from other premises, with other principles.
All artists must find their own truth.

Current information

7. - 30. 6.
Paintings, solo exhibition,
gallery Harmaja, Oulu