Ritva Helena Määttänen-Valkama

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b. 1951, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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Artist’s Statement


“I think that art can be defined as a social interaction that is intended to convey and reflect on different aspects of the human condition

As an instrument of thinking and knowledge, art can also be seen as having political meanings and aspirations. In that case, one of its tasks is to participate in the social debate and to denounce injustices.

Consistently structured, through the intellectualization of meanings, art is able to present ideas that are visual in their expression, but which the viewer nonetheless grasps verbally, for example.

Art can also be considered as a communication in which interaction between humans, as well as content, are created by aesthetics, pure emotions, the presence of the work, or spontaneous joy.

Of these, my aim is to create the last one.

The premise of my painting is not any great philosophy or an important problem: there are only the canvas, the paint, the brushes and the thought process on their terms, then my own experiences and my own body.”

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