Ritva Tuomi

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b. 1963, Helsinki

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Phone number: +358 50 5898130

Artist’s Statement

I have been photographing humans relationship to nature, which is my main interest.
Through respect towards nature, we humans can grow alongside it, creating a bond necessary for life.

I'm photographing The Secret World of Nature project with my old Mamiya - medium format film camera waiting for the right moment and the magical light.
The uncontrollable nature and we are part of the circle of life, in which growth and decay take place. As a photographer and a gardener, the garden portrays humans possibility to nurture nature and ourselves through its growth.
I photographed my children grow into adulthood and my parents throughout their journey towards old age.

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Current information


Ritva Tuomi is currently working on a project about memory, a book that is portraying her mother's Alzheimer's disease.


Ritva Tuomi is a Finnish photographer and artist from Espoo. She has graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design. Among other works, she has photographed over 30 different craft books and she has participated in a different group and solo exhibitions. Her works can be found in the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum, The Art Collection of State of Finland and the Parliament house. She lives, works and cultivates gardens in Espoo and Vihtijärvi.