Tiina Kivinen

b. 1971
Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: Espoo

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Artist’s Statement

In intaglio printmaking the colour black has a strong status. In Kivinen’s work it raises up to a topic. At the same time it links the works to the traditional printmaking in a fine, respective way.

Kivinen expresses herself with lines and colors. The colors she uses are not loud - they are sheer and toned. There are bright greens and warm reds bringing light onto the surface. The most important color is black. The velvety black is created with mezzotint technique. The surface of the copper is broken into even holes that are filled with the hand rubbed ink. The ink transfers into the grains of the heavy printing paper. By polishing the broken surface of the copper, the black ink gets new shades and light.

Kivinen composes with the deep, velvety black and makes the picture rest on the surface. The black is completely empty and brimful at the same time. It is rarely dismal. It is breathing, wide, and leaves room for the viewer’s interpretation.

- V. Halmetoja -

Current information

Joensuu Art Museum, Finland 16.1.-27.4.2014

Affordable Art Fair Brussel, Belgium 7.-10.2.2014

Affordable Art Fair Milano, Italy 6.-9.3.2014

The London Original Print Fair, Englanti 24-27.4.2014

Galleri Norske Grafikere, Oslo, Norway 27.5- 27.7. 2014

Purnun kesänäyttely WHERE ARE YOU FROM? 15.6. – 10.8.2014

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, Stockholm, Swerige 27.9.2014-18.1.2015