Tiina Lamminen

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b. 1963, Nakkila
Residence: Tampere

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Artist’s Statement

I like a hand-made picture, a painting.

Last few years I have been working with topic Ruovesi. (Ruovesi is a municipality with a remarkable art history based on outdoor landscape painting.)This is due to my doctoral studies at University of Lapland. It is to think the contemporary artist: the value of her work in a community, the relation with cultural politics as well as participating an art historical narration.

It is possible to consider that being a contemporary artist means something that is seen in your society. As well you can look at the topics of your paintings, pieces of art, and explore them different ways, too. I have been studying Ruovesi with topics of cultural landscape evaluating and art history.

And then you still have a choice to go out there and express yourself as in the tradition of plain air. Not only in Ruovesi but I have my parallel landscapes in Hódmezövásarhely Hungary and in Seehausen, near Murnau Germany. Landscape painting includes performing and touring, hiking, land art, too. When I paint I weigh the colour, whether it is only material or it is for creating illusions. I like conceptual possibilities when thinking at picture.

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