Tiina Vainio

Basic information

b. 1960, Sauvo
Visual Artist, Print Maker, Painter
Residence: Turku

Contact information

Phone number: 044 9064529

Artist’s Statement

Artist and print maker by education, I have extended my workfield to include also stage design, environmental art as well as park planning. I use surprising materials in my works, delicious and layered combinations and ways of working: a piece of sail becomes a canvas, twigs become a sculpture, graphic prints become wall paper. The materials tell their own story. I love working with my hands; to carve plastic or to scoop out wood; to place a featherlight, thin silver coating on the surface of a work.

The motives of my work are usually connected to nature and the local environment of people, regardless if weeds, the developmental stages of butterfly larvae or the abstract meaning of these are in question. My works also contemplate difficult and conflicting matters: changes in a landscape, cityscape or a cultural landscape, the endurance of nature and breakdowns of the human mind.
I believe in the power of beauty, and that it’s possible to tackle even difficult themes through it. I see beauty almost everywhere. A painting of an excavator by a gravel pit can be beautiful. My works sometimes contain humour, a twinkle in the eyes. In addition to traditional art venues, I bring my art out also elsewhere and enjoy co-working with professionals of different fields.

Show biography

Current information

Solo exhibition in Gallery Aura in Turku 2020

Group exhibition in Kaliningrad Art Museum 2020

Workshop in Kaliningrad in October 2019

Group exhibition Sea Sisters in Vasa Art Hall 23.3.-19.5.2019

Group exhibition in Reykjavik in Isllensk Grafik Gallery 2018

Solo exhibiotion in Amos Andersson Söderlångvik Vivan-cafe 2018

Group exhibition Sea Sisters in Örö former military area 2018

Solo exhibition in Brinkhall Manor in Turku 2018

Solo exhibition in Gallery Bronda in Helsinki 2017

Solo exhibition in Gallery Joella in Turku 2016

Solo exhibition in Artists´ Associations Gallery in Helsinki 2018


TIINA VAINIO lives in Turku and has vast experience in the visual art field. In addition to more traditional ways of expressing her artistry, her work includes planning parks, social artistry and stage design. Several of her works are placed in important collections (Museum of Modern Art KIASMA/the state, Kone Foundation, cities of Turku and Tampere, Art Museum of Turku etc.) Vainio has also contributed with a number of public works in for instance Turku, Raisio and Lieto. Vainio is actively engaged in associations in her field and has for instance been a boardmember of the Finnish Painter’s Union and different committees. Vainio is a trained visual artist, art pedagogue and lawyer. She is widely experienced in collaboration with different partners and enjoys working in experimental projects that combine know-how from various fields.