Urho Kähkönen

Basic information

b. 1967
Visual Artist
Residence: Härmänkylä

Contact information

Phone number: 050-5050748

Artist’s Statement

It is a journey without stops. It is a loaf of bread and a wafer. It is light and shadow. It is an escapist attempt to reach the lost Garden of Eden. It is an unopened door. It is to face myself in a no man´s land. It is confusion. It is a drama queen. It is a mandala and a mantra. It is gravitation. It is the default of how to be. All this is what art means to me.

It is not a coincidence that light has become the central element in my paintings. Light creates form, colour and rhythm. Light is vital for living and seeing. Because of that, light is also a symbol of faith, divine providence and reason in different cultures around he world.
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