Vesa Aaltonen

Basic information

b. 1965, Pomarkku
pohographer / artist photographer
Residence: Turku

Contact information

Phone number: +358 400 546264

Artist’s Statement

My inspiration is the passing of time. I am interested in places where human presence can be felt. I am looking for symbolic meanings in surroundings. The starting point for my work can often be found in cultural landscape, the history of art, and architecture – places or things, which have had a deep and lasting influence on people. While the targets of my photography usually turn up naturally, sketching wakes my appetite and determines the direction. Experimenting with subjects is important and a condition for my work. First impression is important. Episodes of the past or the history of a place can play a remarkable role. Sometimes, simply light, colour, form, an old object, or a detail of the nature is enough to spark my interest.

My work changes repeatedly from an abstract landscape to a very archtitectonic infocus presentation. I enjoy experimenting and do not want to repeat myself. My works might seem beautifully presented and polished, but the unstable global situation makes me worry. Time after time, I am faced with my own humanity, questioning the meaning of my artistic work. It is important to be awake, to reflect on happiness, achievement, loss, fear, and disappointement, but also hope and life itself. What is truly relevant is the observation of ones surroundings, to look back every now and then, and to move on.
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Vesa Aaltonen (b. 1965)  is photographer and artist. He has been graduated from Turku Applied Sciencis (B.A) in 1995. Based in Turku,  he has been among other thing working widely with architecture, art reproduction, museum and theatre photography. He has been teaching photography at the Art’s Academy in Turku. and been Vesa Aaltonen is a freelance photographer working mostly with architecture and art reproduction photography based in Turku, Finland. He has been teaching photography at the Art’s Academy in Turku. He also works as a photographic artist and he has, among other things, been mentoring numerous self-portrait workshops. He also works as a photographic artist and  has had several solo and group exhibitions since 1997. Aaltonen´s works have also been placed to Hesinki and Turku City Art Museum.