Tiia Viiltola

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b. 1984, Raahe
Residence: Lempäälä

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Phone number: 0445287563

Artist’s Statement

I am a Tampere-based visual artist. I graduated from the Kankaanpää Art School in 2009, and at the moment I work in Tampere.

Being an artist has given me the opportunity to sustain my imagination and to bring forth to others how I see the world.

In my art, I think a lot about the role of individuality and the influence of mass in society. I will deal with e.g. the relationship between man and nature. Nature in all its forms is one of my hiding places, my sanctuary of stagnation where endorphins begin to grow and at the same time my trickiest thoughts find their place. Many of us will surely have this same experience with nature. Yet at the same time, we are pushing aside what we need. We kick, dig, and scrape until there is nothing but man-made artificial islands where the flavor is money.

I want to highlight an alternative / future world where the characters in my paintings live on those plastic islands, breathing hard and at the same time trying to calm down in the environment they created.

In my paintings I use mostly mixed media. Strong and rich colors and different abstract figures in different landscapes act as a strong imprint. I use many different surfaces and layers in my works.

I have implemented a variety of parallel worlds in my works, and I want to take the idea forward as a whole, which consists of paintings, as well as vaneriteosinstallaationa. The installation works in the background music I composed myself, because I am also a musician.

One example is my series of works, " Version of us". It consists characters in plywood, which I have built the wall. The characters represent one world I created. They are gender neutral characters in my multiverse. They tell an alternative story. They are made up of pieces that I combine like a puzzle. Each time the character gets a new shape, depending on the state of the space. The series has been featured in different exhibitions in different forms in Berlin and Tampere.

Drawing has always fascinated me and wood has served as the perfect surface for my drawing trace. I study the causes of the tree and start to make an image using them as part of the work. I use recycled wood, where I get peace of mind also in ecological terms.

The works include my statement and reminder of the current state of the environment, which I want to awaken for myself and others.

Tiia Viiltola

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