Anni x4

Johanna Rotko: Anni x4

Completion year: 2014
Technique: Brewer´s yeast on charcoal growth medium. Photograph mounted on aluminium-plate.
Size: 37x37cm
Edition: 5 + 2 ap, 1/5
Keywords: yeastogram, hiivagrammi, biotaide, bioart, natureperfection, nature, luonto, yeastograms, livingimages, livingmaterials, greenart, alternativephotography, experimentalart, jästipää, sciart
A series of four photographs. Exposed using the same raster image. The two more accurate (1,3) images are exposed using spot UV light and the fuzzy face images (2,4) are exposed with UV fluorescent lamp.

Research results from 2014.

Additional work images

Additional work imageAdditional work imageAdditional work image