Pasi Autio
Completion year: 2018
Technique: Video, picture ratio: 16:9, audio: stereo or 4.1
Size: 19´01 min
Edition: 1/5 + 2 a.p.
Duration: 19´01 min
Language: Finnish, swedish (undertext), english (subtitles)
Script, director, cinematographer, editor: Pasi Autio
Sounds: Pasi Autio, Pelle Venetjoki
Voice over: Pauliina Turakka Purhonen
Soundeffects: Yle Arkisto mm., amongst other things.
Funder: Svenska kulturfonden, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

“Meandering” is an installation that combines moving images with sound, showing the environment seen by someone.At times, the common sounds heard take on a life of their own, creating music-like entities.The images are like windows that only showa part of something bigger. The sounds, on the other hand, aim to portray the wider environment around the wanderer – both the concrete environment and the wanderer’s reality where realism and imagination become blurred.
Keywords: Pasi Autio, Harhailija, luonto, kulkeminen, Meandering, nature, wandering

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