Hiiliperhonen -runokirja vuodelta 2011

Laura Kärki: Hiiliperhonen -runokirja vuodelta 2011

Keywords: runo
Hiiliperhonen (2011) is Laura Kärki's first poem collection, whose poems have been born between a long period of time. The work is indeed a result of a long process, it describes the struggle between inner and outer world: dreams and real life, household work and making art. Skin without protection and hard shells are contrapuntal images on top of which even the dialog between the poems is built on.

But when You is found, the change sneaks in: one drops from the edge of melancholy in other's arms, even one's mouth melts within strokes. 'Within hold of sleeping butterflies / I bind summer trail's violets to dance' is one of the most beautiful poems in the collection.

Editor: MA Maaria Matikainen (translated by Mika Salminen)