Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari: Perhosarkku

Completion year: 2019
Technique: installation (ceramics, iron mesh, burned wood, quartz sand)
Size: 200 K x 60 L x 50 (cm)
Keywords: Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari, Perhosarkku, ilmastonmuutos, ekologia, perhonen, sukupuutto, keramiikka, hyönteiset, installaatio, kuolema
The butterflies in the work have got their shape and wings embossed on a Spotted Flycatcher, but the color is dark black. The butterflies in the book are ghosts of the past. Nowadays, the Spotted Flycatcher (Melitaea cinxia) is only found in Finland today on the Åland Islands; From mainland Finland, it became extinct in the 1970s as its habitats, meadows and ketos disappeared.


Additional work images

Additional work image