Purkkapallotäti – Bubble Gum Lady, 2020

Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari: Purkkapallotäti – Bubble Gum Lady, 2020

Completion year: 2020
Technique: 3D-pen, PLA filaments 1
Size: 42 K x 42 L x 28 S (cm)
Keywords: 3D-kynä, muovi, kuvanveisto, reliefi, nainen, muotokuva, purukumi, purkka, värikäs, kevyt

The Bubble Gum Lady  is a relief-like work combined from two different forms. Its "transparency" gives the artwork new dimensions. With a 3D pen, “drawing” is fun because the line is relief-like, which means that the line can easily become three-dimensional. In my work I use PLA filament, which is one of the most environmentally friendly 3D printing materials. It is made from annually renewable resources such as corn starch, and its manufacturing process requires less energy than making traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Additional work images

Additional work image