Puupiirros, sarjasta fragmentteja, (Isoäidin tarina 1)

Mari (Anna Mari) Räsänen: Puupiirros, sarjasta fragmentteja, (Isoäidin tarina 1)

Completion year: 2016
Technique: woodblockprint moved to canvas, monotype, watercolour
Size: 30x30
Edition: 1/1
Keywords: Työhuoneinstallaatio, Workroom installation, 2017
A monotype from the series before on top of a musical blue series of oilpaintings called Lyrical Pieces (1996- They can be seen only partially in this photograph. They are mostly blue with some strokes and colour accents. They have been shown in Alvar Aalto museum 1996, and after that in other Nordic museums on a tour called Body in Art. The blue paintings were also shown in Vuotalo-gallery, in Helsinki 2014.

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