Mary Jane Gregory

Basic information

b. 1955, Norfolk
Visual Artist: painter, stained glass
Residence: Oulu

Contact information

Phone number: +358407072500

Artist’s Statement

Mary Jane Gregory (b.1955) is a visual artist, concentrating mainly on Arctic themes. She is a circumpolar person, having grown up in Alaska, and living now for the past 40 years in Finland.
Gregory has herself called her paintings visual "Haiku": for her, less is more. Since 2009 she has concentrated on landscapes from the north, combining her landscape of her childhood in Alaska with the landscape of northern Finland. She paints with glass pigments and glass enamels, using both recycled glass as well as other glass materials. Her works are often large, and are made for either wall space or windows. Her work has also been described as architectonic, but can also be autonomous. Gregory has works in many collections, as well as Public Works, corporate works, and individual collections.