Päivi Maunu

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Visual Artist MA
Residence: Helsinki

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Phone number: +358 41 458 8596

Artist’s Statement

One of the themes of my work is abstract experience of nature and place, and how this can be portrayed in an interpretative visual form. As my medium I frequently use performance, watercolours ink drawings and installations. By combining these elements, a watercolour or ink drawing can be reconstituted as a performance in which the brush and the body that guides it dance and play in an extended installation. The moment brought out by suspense and other emotions emphasises ideas and images rather than aspiring towards scientific or realistic truth. The sketchy but indelible imprint refers not to some sort of grandeur, but to an ongoing series of events in life and work.
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Current information

Medusa, seaglass and other wanders
Medusa, merilasi ja muut vaeltajat
Medusa, havsglas och andra vandrare
solo exhibition
Telegraph gallery, Harakka island, Helsinki

The Second Digital Naturalism Conference 2019
Gamboa, Panama

Päivi Maunu ja Marko Nykänen:
Digital Naturalism Conference 2018,
Koh Lon Thailand

Herbarium Pica pica
Cloud Garden in Panama Extension
Telegraph gallery, Harakka Island, Helsinki

Community Art Project

Site-specific Environmental Art Project

Works from the artist


Päivi Maunu is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated as an environmental artist from Aalto University 2011. Maunu is multidisciplinary artist adapting expression of media as a Performental Art (combination of Environmental Art and Performance Art), that she has established and advanced further since 2010.

She has participated in several international performance venues and festivals as Live Action Venice, Venice Biennale 2015, 2017 Preview Week and environmental conferences as Digital Naturalist Conference in Thailand 2018 and in Panama 2019.

Päivi Maunu is a one of the founding members of Nature&Art Post Scriptum (NAPS) and Biomimeticx2.