Ice – Stay # 7 METSO JUHA Ice-Stay # 7, 2014 , 80 x 120 cm Sarjasta Jää-jää / Ice-Stay / Eis-Bleib

Juha Metso
Juha Metso: Jää-jää / Ice-Stay / Eis-Bleib

Juha Metso: Ice freezing the mind and the frames

Be carefull about what you expose. It might come true sooner or later.
The climat change researchers believe that our world is melting constantly. Fine arts photographer Juha Metso depicts to us a world that might as well freeze. No-one knows what will happen, but the artist exposes us a world covered by an eternal winter.
As a fine arts photographer Juha Metso does not try to explain the world through his works. With Jää-jää / Ice-Stay / Eis-Bleib he creates a cinematographic story that truly freezes the mind and the frames. No computer trics were used to create these amazing scenes but everything was shot on the field.
As a rewarded news photographer Juha Metso has learned that the world we live in is a world harnessed to the visual story of the winners. What’s true today might turn into a lie tomorrow. Our landscape of warmth might freeze tomorrow. And vice versa.
Jää-jää / Ice-Stay / Eis-Bleib is a series of apocalyptic images of a world covered by snow and ice. The imagery is like taken out from a sci-fi story with a strong graphic outcome, a story where only those who adapt will survive. The humans try to hold on to what was before, they try to carry on with what they used to do. They have to fight because someone tricked them. Someone tricked the whole world.

Juha Metso (born 1965) is a Fine Arts Photographer, who lives in Kotka Finland near the Russian border. He has held in 30 years about a hundred private exhibitions in Finland, in Europe, in Russia and in the American continents. He has worked in over 60 countries, especially in the former Soviet Union countries and has published over 10 books. His art makes part of the collections of all the most important art museums in Finland and he has curated over 90 exhibitions in Kotka Photographic Center with director and artist Timo Mähönen.
Juha Metso has achieved over the years what many dream of – his imagery has an independent and very recognizable style. He doesn’t over expose his pictures, and he doesn’t explain them himself.
He leaves them to the audience - let others explain them if they feel like it.

- Matti Tieaho, April 2014
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