Metsän henkiä – Spirits of the Forest

Katri Lassila
Completion year: 2018
Technique: Toned silver gelatin print
Size: 45x125cm
Edition: -
The work consists of three handmade silver gelatin prints toned with selenium and sulfide toners. The prints are made according to archival requirements on baryta based paper and mounted in acid free passepartout. The work includes in the series Leammijohka, which photographed in the national park of Lemmenjoki in Lapland, Northern Finland.
Keywords: Katri Lassila, Lappi, Lemmenjoki, Leammijohka, poro, joki, Metsän henkiä, Spirits of the Forest, hopeagelatiini, vedos, käsintehty, pimiövedos, silver gelatin print, handmade, darkroom print