Hanna Järvenpää
Completion year: 2011
Technique: Anthotype
Size: Vaihtelee
Couple for Sympathy for The Devil. Pictures of victims of crime that have lost their lives made on opened teabags with anthotype that is an alternative photographic method. The first version was made 2011 (Teabagpieces) and the second 2014 (Sympathy for The Devil, Galerie Pleiku, Berlin). Pigments are mainly from blueberries and iris flowers. Fades away.
Keywords: Hanna Järvenpää, R.I.P. Rest In Peace, Lepää rauhassa, anthotypia, anthotype, teepussi, teabag, henkirikos, uhri, tappo, kuolema, kasvot, face, victim, crime, murder, kill, mustikka, blueberry, kurjenmiekka, iris

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