Dance of Tuonela

Hanna Järvenpää
Completion year: 2016
Technique: Glitter fabric cut in form
Size: Vaihtelee
In pictures shown the set from Höhler Biennale 2017 „SCHATTENwelt - LICHTblicke“ that was in Gera Germany. The space is medieval beer preservation area that runs as tunnels beneath the town. Circumstances are very humid and that mildews textiles, but as having plenty of plastic on them, they are durable enough. Smaller amount danced in the museum sheds of the Parppeinvaara poetry village as a part of Möhkönvirta 2018 modern art/ contemporary exhibition.
Keywords: Hanna Järvenpää, Dance of Tuonela, Tuonelan tanssi, glitter, kangas, leikattu, manala, kalmo, luuranko, kiilto, varjo, skelton, death, fabric, cut, shiny, tuonela, tanssi, Gera, Höhler Biennale, Parppeinvaara, Möhkönvirta 2018

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