Anja Elisa Kurikka

Basic information

b. 1956, Revonlahti
Visual Artist
Residence: Oulu

Contact information

Phone number: 0500 670725

Artist’s Statement

”I paint, I draw and I make installations.

For me making art is approaching matters emotionally. While making art, I’m in a space, where the subconscious is working. My process-like methods of working produce intuitive ideas, in which I have learned to trust.
Drawing is a close and natural form of expression for me. I feel great passion for colors, and seasonal preferences are clearly seen in my works. The color red took over all my paintings for five years, black and white has adapted a strong position in my works and has followed all periods of colors.

My artwork has followed an expressionistic and lyric expression so far. The strength and sensitivity in my works, and in my personality manifest as a poetic but frailly strong line. My hand draws a line, whose starting point is found in a landscape of my childhood, bottom of a river. The unbalanced changing rhythm of the rocky bottom channels through my hand capturing my sensing. The variability in the trace of a scribe or brush is mirrored in the river’s shape and rhythm.

My art is born from the many conflicts in my personal and daily life.”
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