Päivi Hintsanen

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b. 1970, Jyväskylä
Visual Artist, Media Artist, Other
Residence: Jyväskylä

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Artist’s Statement

I work mainly with computer. I started my artistic career ”in cyber world”, making media art and especially web artworks. In some point my artworks started shifting towards the ”real world”: making installations and prints on paper have combined those two different worlds together.

My first web artworks were image and text based stories, both linear and non linear. Still I'm not so interested in the technology that internet provides nor using the latest technical solutions in my works, but the story telling and larger phenomenons of internet itself: from interaction and communication between people from all over the world to those irritating side effects of web – like spam. I seek the balance for technical overload by keeping the things quite earthy: I prefer mechanical solutions over digital and personal contact over database based art.

In my prints I want to create weird reality-like unreality in quite a plain visual way, not underlining the message.
I use different digital and analogical collage techniques to make giclée prints that take their place technically somewhere between photography and traditional print making. Usually the technique combines photography, scanned elements and painting. In my most recent works I have combined more traditional art methods to my digital work. My limited edition prints are always quality pigment ink prints (giclée prints). In my more experimental print projects I use also laser print techniques and various printing materials.

In my artwork the atmosphere sets somewhere between reality and dream: real places are mixed with fictitious places and spaces, and the elements of reality glimpse in the imaginary world. I like to describe my images as a documentation of the places and characters I have met on my dreamy expeditions.
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Please, view my current exhibitions and other news on my website at www.paivihintsanen.fi and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/phintsanen/


B. 1970, in Jyväskylä, Finland
Lives in Jyväskylä

More information on my web page: https://www.paivihintsanen.fi/info/cv