Jarkko Räsänen

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b. 1984, Heinola
Residence: Hollola

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I work mainly with phtography and video – often from the point of view of software art, as I use artistic programming in creation of my artworks. I have been inspired by demoscene (underground computer art community) phenomenon since my childhood. Nevertheless I don’t bind myself in any medium or praxis and am mostly interested in art that challenges perception or rational mindset. Also the emotional and physical impact of technological society on the human/body interests me.

In my photographic series ”Ordered Dance” (2009-) I cut the image file in 1-pixel wide slices, analyze them and re-order them according to simple rules, e.g. from brightest to darkest, which results in semi-abstract ”digital paintings” where the literal subject of the original photo dissasembles into formalistic beauty. I have produced also photos and videos with a mutation of the aforementioned code, where images appear as if seen through a thick layer of uneven glass. I see this kind of methodology bringing a conceptual layer to my practice referring to whole societal phenomenon of algorithms and the concept of work.

On the other hand I work as experimental musician and sound artist (a jazz school dropout), using Ableton Live, Traktor, Reason, Renoise and Max/MSP in producing often improvised sound sessions – sometimes alongside contemporary dancers. I use often self-made contact microphones in amplifying surprising vibrations, such as the fermentation process of sugar wine or a melting ice of a lake. I have also used visual files as instruments (sometimes transcoded into GSM signal) in my video works’ soundtracks.
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Mini exhibition in Kulttuurikauppila, Ii, for the end of recidency period with Anastasia Alekseevna between 28th and 30th of Jan'19.


Jarkko Räsänen (b. 1984) is multimedia artist focusing on photography, moving image and sound art. He has made video art since 2005, starting with documentations of performative actions. More recently, he has moved towards computer based and algorithmic visual works, including live vj performances with self-made softwares. He is a member of moving image cooperative FixC. Räsänen’s moving image works have been presented in various gallery exhibitions mostly in Finland and Germany, as well as at International Telext Festival goes Ars Electronica, Anthology Archives New York, Papay Gyro Festival Hong Kong & Orkney and Fundacio Joan Miro, Mallorca, ARS'17 in Kiasma and Moscow 4th Biennale.