Jarkko Räsänen: O.D.O.

Completion year: 2017
Technique: web application
Size: online
Edition: -
Keywords: interaktiivinen, mobiilitaide, applikaatio, verkkotaide, verkkosivu, online art, application, software, photo editor, konstruktivismi, websivu
Kiasma's Collection: http://odo.kiasma.fi

The software cuts up your uploaded photograph into narrow slices, and then rearranges the slices according to a specific parameter, for instance by degrees of brightness or tone. You can select the variant you find most appealing.

In this process, the original image is transformed into pure abstract form, foregrounding non-figurative elements such as colour, light and rhythm. The artist has used the same software in an earlier series of photographic works (Ordered Dance, 2009-), but now he offers his tool for free experimentation by users on Kiasma’s ARS17+ online platform.