Reetta Hiltunen

Basic information

b. 1980, Pyhäselkä
Visual Artist, Graphic Artist/Printmaker, Textile Designer
Residence: Helsinki

Contact information

Phone number: 0407556263

Artist’s Statement

My current artistic practice is closely involved with handcrafted paintings and drawings. The final process at times leads to digitizing handcrafted paintings and transforming them into a collage or print-series.

Topically visual character illustrations aim to provoke positive attention around surrounding society. The concepts and philosophy centre around cultural identity, values and ethics.
I also I design surface patterns based on own artworks.
The shapes in my graphical art are deliberately arranged into mathematical values ​​to create images.
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Artist/ Printmaker / Textile designer based in Helsinki (b.1980). My artistic work focuses on visual arts, graphics and surface patterns in textile.

Master's degree from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts (2011).Bachelor of Arts degree from London, Middlesex University (2005). My artworks have been exhibited internationally, and also earned awards. In collections in Europe and America.

Recent artworks are handcrafted paintings. The final process at times leads to digitizing the handcrafted paintings. Transforming them into a collage, print-series and/or installations.

The philosophical approach and concepts of my works derive from life. Works examine meanings within traditional and societal mores. Characteristically figurative and detailed works have aesthetic underlinings. When closely looked upon unearths meanings coupled with symbolism.