The Spiral of Ethics

Reetta Hiltunen: The Spiral of Ethics

Completion year: 2014
Technique: A Collage of paintings. Printed on photo paper and mounted.
Size: 145 cm x 145 cm
Edition: 5
Keywords: Reetta Hiltunen, Etiikan Spiraali, hyveet & paheet, taidegrafiikka, kollaasi, maalaustaide, maalaukset, taidepelit, The Spiral of Ethics, virtue & vice, printmaking, collage, paintings, artgames
"The Spiral of Ethics" is based on Hiltunen’s paintings and concepts on virtue & vice. The illustrations of the theme are combined into a game board, consisting of 32 illustrations. The realization of the game is inspired by the early 19th-century moral based board games.

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