Uusi pakka/Reshuffle

Reetta Hiltunen: Uusi pakka/Reshuffle

Completion year: 2010
Technique: Giclée on archival cardboard
Size: 21 cm x 13.7 cm/kortti
Edition: 20
Keywords: Reetta Hiltunen, Uusi Pakka, Reshuffle, pelikortit, korttipeli, taidepelit, playing cards, artgames
Reshuffle is a newly drawn and revised version of the traditional Finnish children's card game titled Pekka-Game or Funny Families.

Reshuffle’s 48 individual card characters are 21st century transformed. Inheriting international features and realistic professions without subjected to prejudice.
The family members have been named with the most popular fore- and surnames gathered from around the world. Together with improved job-titles translated into Finnish, English and Japanese.

The first edition of the Reshuffle project was a unique, handmade cards collection on giant cardboard backings and card boxes. The numbered A5 print-edition is a digital print series of the original Reshuffle. Standard size playing cards are also available.

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