Abandoned Land II

Simo Saarikoski: Abandoned Land II

Completion year: 2018
Technique: HD video
Edition: 3
Keywords: Simo Saarikoski, Abandoned Land II, luonto, maisema, arkkitehtuuri, hylätyt rakennukset, dokumentti, video
19.14 min / 16:9 / Stereo / Dialogue: Finnish / Subtitles: English

Abandoned Land II is an experimental, documentary and poetic video about the lost Finland and at the same time about its future. It documents abandoned environments and forgotten lifestyles that have become the periphery of Finnish society and phenomena from today’s perspective. Finland is a metaphor for the social change throughout Europe from the ending of the Second World War up to the present day. The abandoned world is a window to the future, also reflecting the things we may in the future consider worth abandoning.


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