Distant Voices, Still Lives

Simo Saarikoski: Distant Voices, Still Lives

Completion year: 2017
Technique: Video, 16 watercolor portraits 40x55cm, paper, led-lights, soundscape 12.30min
Keywords: Simo Saarikoski, Distant Voices, Still Lives, installaatio, muistot
”Distant Voices, Still Lives” is an exhibition, based on the classic movie under the same name by Terence Davies. As in the movie, the exhibition preserves memories and explores the effect time has on them. How do we remember people and events from our past and how time shapes our memories? The artworks in the exhibition do not seek to evoke nostalgia of the past nor to evaluate memories in terms of positive or negative. Memories just exist and the viewers can approach them based on their personal experience. The artworks in the exhibition form a coherent installation-like entity, which consists of video, sound and watercolor portraits.


Additional work images

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