Anna-Leena Vilhunen

s. 1955, Kajaani
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: HELSINKI

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Phone number: 0451497640

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Visual artist Anna-Leena Vilhunen

An Ordinary Queen is Painting, Solo Exhibition Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, 23. January - 10. February 2019

Solo Exhibition Gallery Roikka, Lappeenranta, Finland, 26. September 19. October 2019

Action I graduated with BA(hons) in Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in 1990 and with MFA in 2002. I have had several private exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions since 1989. My works are in the collections of the State Art Deposit Collection and Helsinki Art Museum and many private collections.

Anna-Leena Vilhunen 2018
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Wellcome to see my updated web pages Visual artist Anna-Leena Vilhunen The web adress is the same as earlier.

Coming soon solo exhibition

Anna-Leena Vilhunen
An Ordinary Queen is Painting /Tavallinen kuningatar maalaa
Gallery Katariina
Kalevankatu 16, FI-00100 Helsinki
open 23.January -10. February 2019 tu-fri 11 a.m.-5 p.m., saturday-sunday noon-4 p.m.
tel. 050 470 6087,


The visual artist Anna-Leena Vilhunen lives and works in Helsinki. She gained her BA(hons) from the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 and Masters degree (MfA) in 2002. Vilhunen works nowadays mainly with oil paint.

Vilhunen's most important recent solo exhibitions include as an example: Excavators and Breastfeeders at Gallery Rantakasarmi 2016, together with visual artist Haruka Kashima in 2011, and alone tm-gallery in Helsinki 2007. She has participated in group exhibitions since 1989. The most significant of these last ones has been Worth Painting, Finnish Painters' Union, at Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki.