Virpi Kanto

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b. 1959, Oulu
Residence: Orimattila

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Phone number: +358 (0) 407253994

Artist’s Statement

Human Touch

Clay modelling is something that is inside me and I am inside the clay. I model my subconscious, the unknown me.

In creating works there is no good and no bad, no ugliness and no beauty. I need beauty and I need the forms from which sculpture is made.

In terms of ideas, I can define the start of the journey towards a work by, for example, the word `humility´ or `grace´. As the work progresses freely, visually, by association, something begins to give it meaning. As the meaning increase in number, the `soul´of the work changes into something I am familiar with. Nevertheless, I do not know what it is.
Art is bringing out the unknown not the invention of something new. By working I come closer to the unknown while the unknown moves further away.
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born in Oulu 1959, lives and works in Orimattila
Fine Art Kankaanpää 1988
Exhibited in Finland and abroad since 1988