Out of Order

Panu Johansson: Out of Order

Completion year: 2011
Out of Order
Year of Production: 2011
Running Time: 11min58s (film version) & 12min13s (3 channel installation)
Originally shot in Super8 (Kodak Ektachrome 64T), transferred to HD 720p video.

The film presents a trip full of childhood memories along the former Finnish national road 1. This road used to connect the cities of Turku and Helsinki, the former and the current capital of Finland. Today, after the introduction of bigger and more up-to-date connections, the old road has significantly quieted down and most of the roadside attractions have now been closed. However, the landscapes, locations and recollections from the past are still very strongly present.

In addition to the traditional one-channel film the piece is also available as a three-channel installation. In this version three images are projected horizontally in a row, in a classical triptych shape.

Additional information about the piece can be found from the written part of my Master’s Thesis "Landscape and Experimental Image– An Artistic Research on Forming the Language of Expression in a Multi-Channel Installation" which can be read here:
(Thesis is written mostly in Finnish, abstract also in English).

You can preview the installation version here: