Hiljaisuudesta toiseen / From One’s Silence to Other’s

Panu Johansson: Hiljaisuudesta toiseen / From One’s Silence to Other’s

From One’s Silence to Other’s
Year of Production: 2014
(1st version released in 2009, completely re-edited in 2014)
Running Time: 8min36s
Originally shot in Super-8, transferred to HD 1080p video.

A fragmented collage reassembles a life lost. A radiant yet fractured narrative replete with lacunae found in history and time, refracted through the half light of memory and film.

"From One's Silence To Other's" is a short experimental film made by Annika Rapo and Panu Johansson. The piece combines different kinds of materials in a collage-like way: it consists of short fragments, which all document certain places, objects or events.
All these are tied around one deceased person and his life-story.

The non-linear form of the film is used to describe the fragmentary nature of memories and the way we perceive them. Usually it is impossible to construct a full and solid life-story after the subject has passed away. Commonly some questions remain open and sometimes, as in our case, relatively large areas of past life are left in the shadows. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that this kind of story is not a suitable subject for a work of art. The story only has to be presented openly as it is: fragmented and full of gaps. Although the major narrative might be lost, some beautiful fragments still remain.

Distributed by AV-arkki:

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