Rovaniemi, 2018 (From the Series “Nothingness Finland”)

Panu Johansson: Rovaniemi, 2018 (From the Series “Nothingness Finland”)

Completion year: 2018
Technique: Polaroid Photo
Size: 8cm x 8cm
Edition: 1/1
Keywords: Polaroid, Pikafilmi, Instant Film, Rovaniemi
Nothingness Finland is a series of 15 Polaroid images taken in different locations around Finland in 2018 and 2019.

The name of the series reflects the concrete content of the images, but also the mental landscape that they represent. The series leads the spectator to the edge-lands and to the grey territory that rings most urban centres in Finland. Humdrum roadsides, deteriorating sports facilities and banal apartment blocks symbolise the real national landscape that surrounds us every day. However, the images also point out that these locations contain a lot of aesthetic potential. The nature of these non-sites has also been emphasised by framing all the people out. Thus there is only one protagonist left: the constructed environment.